Cozy, Chic Bride

When I first started thinking about my November wedding, I thought it would be really neat to have some kind of fur stole to wear post-ceremony, for some pictures and for some of the reception. But, I’ve run across another idea that I absolutely LOVE – wearing a dainty, chic sweater. I love the photo below, by Cameron Ingalls out of California. It just looks so lovely and adds a certain casual, comfortable elegance.

If I did it, I’d probably pick a jewel tone (like eggplant or saphire or emerald). I love the ones with little embellishments, like this one from J. Crew.

What about this one from Old Navy? It’s only $26.50! Very cute. I haven’t found one in a color that would be for me, necessarily, but I love the idea of a sweater. They just feel so comfortable… which, hopefully, is how I’ll be feeling on my wedding day!

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One Response to “Cozy, Chic Bride”

  1. Sara Says:

    Beautiful. I think the casual often makes the formal more elegant.

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