I adore J. Mendel’s design asthetic – so etherial and light. I especially love this style board (via In fact, if the short mustard colored dress wasn’t nearly $5,000, I would have my bridesmaids wear a style like that. Aren’t they gorgeous? They look like lovely, modern flowers.

J Mendel Spring Collection as a wedding dress

For a somewhat more reasonable price, I found the below on from a Portland- based designer named Sarah Seven. This one is still $475. Sigh…

Tulip Dress


2 Responses to “BANANAS!”

  1. angel Says:

    These dresses are feathery and whimsical. Like out of a dream almost or right out of a flower garden! I love them. i’m sure whatever you choose, it’ll be gorgeous!

  2. kristen Says:

    my friend had sarah seven make her wedding dress! for a wedding dress, $500 is a steal! and handmade and designed, at that! i looooooove that look too.

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