Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

I love etsy.com. It’s like an online marketplace for designers of all kinds of fun goods – jewelry, handmade clothes, letterpress stationary, decor, furniture. I found these cute “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” cards from a designer called Sweet Bella Cards. If you click the photo below, it’s linked through to the online store.

Will you be my Bridesmaid Folded Note Cards

In my excitement to ask my girls (Elizabeth, Brittany, Stephany, Nicole, Katy & Katie) to be my bridesmaids, the night Will & I got engaged I called all of them and asked them right away, over the phone. I wish I would have been more patient, and sent each of them one of these adorable keepsakes.

Ladies, if you’re reading this (even though you’ve already said yes!), “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”


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3 Responses to “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

  1. Elle Says:

    I do :)!!!

  2. Katy Says:

    You know it, Sister!

  3. Katie Says:

    Um… heck yeah! xoxo

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