Sacrificial Love

A friend (thank you Robin!) recommended I take a look at Almasy Photography and I stumbled across photos from a couple involved at NorthPoint, where I go to church. Jenn & Billy had amazingly beautiful pictures overall, but I was especially struck by the two below.

In their ceremony, which was held at the Alpharetta campus on North Point (I think), they washed each others feet, to symbolize the sacrificial love required in marriage, as a reflection of Christ’s sacrificial love for us. How amazing and humbling to take time to do this in your wedding ceremony!

I loved looking at these photos because it’s so clear what a worshipful experience their wedding was. I don’t know these two personally, but I sort of feel like I’ve seen a little bit of their hearts by looking at their photos. They were stunning!

You can see the rest on the Almasy blog:

If you’re having a higher budget wedding (their packages can run over $10K), definitely check Almasy out – their photos are gorgeous!


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One Response to “Sacrificial Love”

  1. Mommy Says:

    These were beautiful… masterful photography. I found it curious to see some similarities to things that you seem to like for your day, didn’t you? This was definitely not your typical wedding album. I loved the unique and worshipful quality of it all, too! I know that your wedding will be amazing!!!

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