The Bold & The Beautiful

I’m having the hardest time making any real, concrete decisions about colors for my Nov. 13 wedding. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been to so many weddings with great ideas or because I love color and fashion so much and all of the wedding blogs are like an all-you-can-eat buffet of amazing color combinations… but mostly, I think it’s just that I’m acutely aware that once I pick something, it’s kind of final, since I’m only going to get married once (if money were no object and I could marry Will over & over again, perhaps I’d do it more than once…).

In my constant trolling of wedding blogs, one of my favorites is Style Me Pretty. They have a ton of gorgeous pictures from real weddings, and you can search by color. I found this gorgeous wedding from the Florida Keys – on the beach, but still pretty formal.

Image #38991

Aren’t the flowers gorgeous? I love the super-bold colors – they were done by a North Carolina-based florist called The Bloom Room.

Image #38986

I especially love the peonies and anemoniesĀ – hot pink with big black centers. So dramatic and pretty…

Image #39024

Love them… Perhaps all of this gorgeousness will inspire me to actually decide on some colors.


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