Dancing on the Page

I love getting mail – as long as it’s not a bill. There’s something spectacularly special about receiving an invitation that’s been beautifully hand-calligraphied. Today at work, I received such a piece of mail and called immediately to see who had done the gorgeous lettering on the envelope.

My research led me to Anne Elser, who is a professional calligrapher and artist in Atlanta. She also, apparently teaches art & lettering classes at Binders (www.bindersart.com). On one of the blog posts I found, she referred to what she does as “dancing on the page.” I just love that expression…

The envelopes for the party (a spring dinner party at an art gallery – how fun!) were so stunning – all of the lettering was done in shades of green and blue. Peacock colors! I’ve never seen multiple colors used on an outer envelope like that before. Definitely something to remember when it’s time to address my wedding invitations. It’s funny – I’m not that concerned with the invitations themselves… but oddly obsessed with the idea of having them hand calligraphied.


One Response to “Dancing on the Page”

  1. Mommy Says:

    Oh my goodness…this is beautiful! Incredibly artistic! I so wish I could do it myself so that I could do your invitations…I am awed by the talents and skills which others possess!

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