31 Things To Love About Will

So, today is Will’s birthday, and a friend (thanks Sherri… & sorry for stealing your idea – you’re way more original than I am!) did one of these lists for her husband’s birthday this week, and I loved the idea.

So here goes, 31 things (for the big 3-1 birthday!) I absolutely love about Will, in no particular order. Some are cheesy, mushy and others silly… and, since I’m pretty sure he’s STILL not reading my blog, he may not ever see these. But, I like the idea of remembering all of these things that make him special, on his special day… whether he realizes I’m doing it or not!

1. I love the story of how we met, even though, on the surface it may seem like just your run-of-the-mill “we met in a bar” story. Will was working off duty at Tin Roof and apparently had seen me a couple of time. After we met, he tracked down my friend Jennifer’s phone number and asked her to bring me back to talk to him more. The rest, as they say, is history.

2. He always remembers to ask about my day. Always. Sometimes, I don’t have anything to tell him, but it’s certainly nice to be asked.

3. I always feel safe with him. Now, granted, he always carries a gun, so that could be part of it. But, more than packing heat, I just know that he would always protect me.

4. Have you seen him? He’s hott (that’s right – with two “t’s”). I know that sounds a wee bit superficial… but seriously, I’ve always wanted to date a blonde (never did until now)… and now I’m marrying one!

Celebrating last year's birthday at Lobster Bar, over oysters and Scotch!

5.  Before he asked for my phone number, at the Tin Roof, he’d stand there feeding money into the machine that plays games… to make me stay there and talk to him longer. It worked… he scored my digits and a date that same night.

6. He remembers to bring me flowers at least once a month.

7. He makes me feel beautiful & desired… This includes everything from when I’m dressed up for a black tie event to the time I had food poisoning and he said, “You look pretty,” when he brought me ginger ale & flowers in the middle of the night (perhaps he was lying on that second occasion, but it’s a nice sentiment regardless!).

8. Now, I’m not really such a big fan of tattoos… and my future husband has, um… quite a few. That being said, I think they’re kind of sexy on him. Not that I want him to get any more… but he’s artistic, and the ones he has make him unique. And I love that about him.

At the Henderson Park falls... you can see the tattoos peeking out from his tee shirt.

9. He lets me tweeze the blonde hairs on his ears. This is weird… don’t judge. And, again, since I’m pretty sure he’s NOT reading this (if you are… oops!), I hope it’s ok for me to share. But, I love to tweeze things. Since I can only tweeze my own eyebrows so much before the balance of the right arch is disturbed… Will graciously allows me to tweeze the coarse blonde hairs that grow on his earlobes. Granted, no one else would ever know they’re there… but I enjoy it so much and he lets me. Now, that’s love.

10. He’s thoughtful. I’m planning to do a whole blog post about the Valentine’s Day gift he made… but lets just say Most.Thoughtful.Gift.EVER. Seriously.

11. I love how deliberate he’s been about our relationship. He told me he loved me six weeks & one day (not that I was counting… or marked it on the calendar on my iPhone. Oh wait…) after our first date. And, the day after our first date he said, “I just want you to know, this isn’t casual for me.” It was so great to not play games and just enjoy being pursued. It was amazing – he’s my knight in shining armor, Prince Charming… you get the idea.

12. Will bought me fashion magazines (Vogue & Glamour – boy has good taste!) when I was leaving for Kenya – and left me sweet “I love you” notes in my suitcase.

13. He’s nature-y / outdoors-y – two things I’m not really (ok, while we’re being honest… I’m not at all.). And, while he teases me when I tag along to go shooting or kayaking with him… he always also lets me know that he appreciates the effort.

At the shooting range in Dial, GA, our first Thanksgiving together.

14. He took my dance class. Actually, he was pretty good at it. Now, if I could just convince him to do it again. Hrm…

15. I love that Will believes the best and that things will work out. Even on days when I’m letting my mind run circles around a problem, he has this resolute belief that everything is going to be ok. It’s a good counterbalance for my perfectionism.

16. He looks cute in hole-y jeans and tee shirts (his favorite uniform), but he’ll wear a suit if I ask him to.

17. He sings to me. We have totally different taste in music, but he’s determined to teach me about his (he’ll quiz me on what band is playing – favorites include Pearl Jam, Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, Jimmi Hendrix, The Doors… I’m getting much better). I love it that I’m really the only one who gets to see this playful side of him, which makes it more special.

18. We go on at least one date night per week, a tradition that we’re both committed to keeping up.

19. Will designed the perfect engagement ring. And, while I wish I could say that I’d walked through the longer-than-intended time that it took us to get engaged with more grace, it was definitely worth the wait. It’s perfect – and he designed it (based on the things I’d said I liked and some covert spying in my jewelry box), which makes it even more special. *I need to do a post just about that?

20. He really is the best kisser ever. Truly – I could sit on the couch and kiss him for hours and not ever get tired of it.

21. He always opens the car door for me… even when it’s pouring down rain and I’m being slow.

22. He’s generous and puts me first most of the time. I hope that I can learn to be as selfless in our marriage.

23. He has a cute booty. Oh, that’s right. I said it. He will DIE if he reads this.

24. I’ve managed to convert him into a wine drinker. Some of my favorite moments of the week are Will & I sitting on my red couch, drinking red wine. Love it.

At the opening party of Bistro Niko. Like the tie? 🙂

25. Will always believes in me and tells me I’m smart. I think, especially as women, it’s great to be with someone who makes you feel attractive and intelligent… which Will most definitely does. It’s a blessing and so is he.

26. He’s a great daddy.

Hannah, Hayley & Will.

27. He likes to do yard work. Which works out, because I HATE it / will not do it. See? Opposites attract. 🙂

28. He’s willing to learn / change, if that makes “us” better. I love it that Will always keeps his eye on the prize, in terms of us having a strong marriage. He shows me that over & over again, and I’m so grateful for that quality.

29. He sends me sweet / silly text messages, for no reason at all. And, he never gets off the phone without saying, “I love you.” (I know that’s two, but I’m running out of numbers!)

30. He calls me “baby.” Listening to other’s pet names for each other can be annoying… but I love it.

31. He loves me. And, maybe that’s the best of all.

Happy 31st Birthday, my love!



3 Responses to “31 Things To Love About Will”

  1. Sherri Says:

    I LOVE NUMBER 9!!! Happy Birthday, Will!

  2. Mommy Says:

    What a great idea, even if Sherri thought of it first…I read hers, too, and you both are so blessed with your guys! I’m so thankful that God had Will chosen for you…and I appreciate you sharing this list. Always remember to focus on these attributes and the other special things about him and your relationship. Blessings to you both…and Happy Birthday, Will!

  3. Elle Says:

    I love this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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