I don’t want my blog to be a total product endorsement site, but sometimes when you fall in love with something that works really well, you are just obligated to share. I’ve discovered two such products – that both just happen to be from the L’Oreal brand.
I’ve said before that I’m trying desperately to have my hair long for the wedding (I’m even thinking about picking up some pre-natal vitamins, since everyone seems to say that they make your hair grow faster. Although, my friend Sherri also swears that they made her sprout hips too. Wonder if it’s worth the risk? Hmm…). The key to having long hair, successfully, is not only speeding its growth, but also making it strong once it’s long. After reading several glowing endorsements of L’Oreal’s “EverStrong Overnight Repair Treatment” I decided to try it for myself. According to the L’oreal site, it promises to “penetrate the hair fiber while you sleep to improve strength after just one use” and to “absorb quickly without leaving residue on your pillow.” At less than $7 at Target, I figured it was a gamble worth taking.

You use two pumps and run through your hair just before going to bed. As I’ve mentioned before, I try to only wash my hair every other day (or sometimes every third day if I can get away with it), so I was concerned that it would leave my hair greasy and needing a wash in the morning. Not so. I’ve been impressed when I wake up, my hair seems soft and silky, but not weighed down by the overnight treatment. I’ve noticed a slight difference in how my hair feels overall in just a week – I think that’s definitely worth blogging about!
The other product I found is also by L’Oreal – the Lash Boosting Serum. I’m sure we’ve all seen the commercials (both print & TV) for Latisse – the serum that is supposed to have dramatic lash growth results. I actually asked my dermatologist about the product several months ago and she pointed out that my lashes are already close to the “after” pictures of results Latisse (http://www.latisse.com/) promises. Plus, the side effects are kind of crazy (possibly): permanent darkening of the iris and the eyelid. No thank you… even with the promise of maybe not needing mascara any more.
I decided to try L’Oreal’s Lash Boosting Serum just to see. Now, after a couple weeks of using it sporadically – once a day, typically, or sometimes skipping a day, I can see a slight difference. The product is only about $12 and must be applied to clean, dry lashes (thus the reason why I use it sporadically – sometime I’m lazy and don’t full remove my eye makeup before bed. Gross, I know!). You apply it pretty much like mascara – with the wand moving from base to tip of lashes. Then, you apply on top of the lash line. The instructions recommend that you apply it twice a day, though I’ve found that if I use it in the morning it can make my mascara not go on quite as smoothly.

 The area I’ve noticed the most improvement is in the amount of fall-out I get when I remove my makeup. You know how sometimes if you’re a little too aggressive about scrubbing off eye makeup that you’ll get some lashes falling out (SCARY!)? I’ve noticed a big difference – virtually no fall out now. I’d definitely recommend this – it’s inexpensive, with no side effects that I’ve seen.

**One other product endorsement, then I’m done. Promise…at least for this post. I’ve seen a TON of editorial mentions (InStyle, Daily Candy, Self, and others) for Tarte’s Natural Lip Stain with “LipSurgence.” Basically, it looks like a giant crayon and promises to stain your lips and increase moisture by 6000%. I picked one up (in “Moody,” the berry shade) at Sephora over the weekend, and I have to say, I’m sold on this product. It goes on smoothly and really does last a long time – but, since it’s a stain and really moisturizes, it doesn’t make your lips feel cakey like so many of the “long wear” lipsticks can. My only wish is that it also came with an SPF. But, it’s great that it’s gluten-free, has no formaldehyde and has no oil, talc, MEA / DEA / TEA. And, Tarte doesn’t do any animal testing, so you can feel good about supporting a company with such stringent standards. The shades have fun names like “Amused,” “Charmed” and “Enchanted.” Definite A+ for these!
Stay beautiful!


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3 Responses to “L’Ove”

  1. davidmdavid Says:

    — like the title, but I couldn’t get down with the content – HA! (Just like a guy.)

  2. Sherri Says:

    I MAY have blamed prenatals without cause for the hips–it was probably more likely the actual BABY that did it! Biotin is awesome for hair growth, and I’ve been taking it for awhile–my hair person swears by it!

  3. sara Says:

    I’d been wondering about the lash serum. I keep almost getting it. I’ve seen comparisons that make it look impressive. Thanks for your review! And I love almost all things Tarte! I’m totally sold on their cheek stains.

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