DIY Bride, Cool Welcome Bags

A highschool friend of my maid of honor is a super-creative newlywed. Meet the fun blogger behind “Natty Michelle”… Natalie herself. I asked her to tell me about her welcome bags for out of town guests – since she did a semi-destination wedding (in Athens, GA about 1 hour away from Atlanta), most of her guests were officially “out of towners” staying in hotels. Here’s what she had to say!  

“Hi Jennifer!  
You are sweet. I actually did make guest bags – I put one of my wedding maps in them! (They’re in my etsy shop). I also went to Sam’s and bought stuff like Double Bubble gum, crackers, waters, Pringles, etc. and stuck it all inside…My wedding map insert included the picture of the map and below it a quick note to my guests saying welcome and thanks for coming, then the address of the church, time of the ceremony, reception venue address and time of the reception. On the back, I put 5 of James and my favorite things to do in Athens, where we were married. It was fun!

If I had an unlimited budget, I could’ve been reeeeally creative with the guest bags. There are so many fun things to make, and so many fun things to buy to put IN the bags! However, I tried to be as creative as possible on my budget. I went to Paper Source and bought some pre cut gold cards shaped like a flower, and glued one to the front of each white gift bag (Michaels – you can get 13 for like $5.99). I bought a die-cut thing at Michaels to mirror the flower shape, got some white card stock, and glued the smaller white flower shapes to the gold (in the middle). I drew a “K” on each (my new last initial). I tied the bags with teal and gold raffia and included another little flower cut out where I stamped my bride and groom stamp (found at Paper Source). On the back, I stamped “All You Need is Love,” too. My mom and I made 70 bags!”

Thanks, Natalie, for sharing – maybe I’ll be contracting your map-making services for one of Buckhead! Love those!


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