Let Them Eat (Little) Cakes!

My fiance reminds me frequently that he’s “just not a dessert person” – these reminders tend to come when I look longingly at the dessert menu or even bring some kind of sweet treat home. I, on the other hand, LOVE dessert. I don’t have an over-active sweet tooth, but I would say that I have a healthy appreciation for chocolate, tarts, cupcakes, ice cream and such.

In lieu of a groom’s cake, Will has requested his favorite dessert – apple pie – be served at the end of our reception. I’m happy to oblige, but I also want something really fun and memorable for our wedding case – something that’s a bit of a departure from the standard tiered white cake. In my constant trolling of wedding blogs, I found this stunning wedding on Green Wedding Shoes. This super-creative couple (Leslie & James) in California didn’t tell their guests where the wedding was – they sent them invitations to meet at a specified location to board a bus and be taken to their venue (a re-vamped auto showroom – how cool!). They said that they wanted their guests to instantly to have something in common – in this case, all being left in the dark about where the wedding would take place. But, I digress…

My favorite part of their wedding was their twist on the wedding cake or wedding cupcake (quite a popular trend these days) – they are cake minis. How adorable!

The bakery that produced these is Cake Monkey in Los Angeles. They are mini multi-layer cakes – it’s brilliant! I’m not sure what the white one is, but the chocolate one has caramelized rice krispies. Y-U-M.

Some of their other fun ones are 1) raspberry red velvet 2) “vanilla gorilla” – vanilla cake with Tahitian vanilla frosting and sugar sparkles and 3) “must love chocolate” – devil’s food cake with crunchy Valhrona chocolate pearls and dark chocolate frosting topped with crumbled honeycomb.

Seriously? I wish Cake Monkey was in Atlanta! Bring on the cake tasting…



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