Wedding Trends To L-O-V-E

I’ve never really liked the term “trendy.” It always makes me think of a teenager who shops exclusively at 5-7-9 and says the word “Mom” with 15 syllables (the ability to do this is the precise reason why my own mom never wanted to be called that).

All that being said, trends are part of what propels culture (and, for the purposes of this post, weddings) forward. Some – like jams, slap bracelets, feathered bangs and poofy-sleeved bridesmaids dresses – are so over. Others, like the ones below, are making me think twice about some of the expected, traditional choices for my own wedding. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll figure out a way to pioneer some trends of my own…

  • Eat local: Regardless of where you live, chances are something is grown locally. Why not incorporate it into your menu? Some ideas for Georgia would be peaches, Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese for a cheese course (they are known for their Asher Blue – a salty, crumbly blue cheese. MMM.) and pecans (pie anyone?). Not only is it a way to keep sustainability in mind, but if you get things in season, it could help cut costs.
  • A group photo of ALL the guests: I’m definitely doing this one. After the wedding party walks out of the church, we’re going to have our minister ask everyone to remain in their seats – then we’ll come back in and have our photographer come in and get a panoramic view of everyone who’s there. How neat to have all your nearest & dearest in one shot!
  • Photobooth: Another one that I’m totally doing! I’ve loved the “SmileBooth” concept since I first saw it on Our Labor of Love’s site. But, having a pro set it all up would add about $1,000 (that I do not have!) to my budget. So, I believe I’ve figured out how to DIY-it, with the help of my very tech-savvy photography-buff future brothers-in-law. I’ll do a whole post about how to set it up later, but it’s a completely fun way to give guests both something interactive and entertaining at the wedding… all while documenting some silly moments that the bride & groom would never see otherwise.

  • Mini-Food: Think about doing something special that will make guests smile, right at the beginning of your reception. Ideas are endless – think mini-grilled cheese sandwiches, tiny pulled pork or hamburger sliders, personal crudites and lobster bisque served in an espresso cup. Guests will love the whimsical, just-one-bite twist on some classic comfort food. Bonus – no utensils needed!
  • Family Photos: One of my favorite weddings I’ve been to recently (hi, Ellie & Clint!!) featured a huge table by the escort cards full of wedding photos from the bride & groom’s families – their parents, grandparents and maybe even great-grands. What a neat way to honor your personal history and the legacy the new couple is a part of!
  • Non-Traditional Shoes in Bold Colors: Yet another trend I’m totally on board with. I love shoes (have I mentioned this before? If not yet, just wait…) – the higher the heel, the better. I’m on the hunt for something stunning to wear the day of… and they most certainly won’t be white. I love the idea of a fun pop of color peeking out as I walk down the aisle (and later, dance the night away). Aren’t the Christian Louboutins below gorgeous? Pink isn’t so much the color I’m looking for, but stunning shoes, nonetheless.

  • Temporary Augmentation: The beauty buzz words these days in terms of bridal are spray foundation (flawless, HD finish from dawn ’til dusk), hair extensions (think Victoria’s Secret waves), spray tans (no need to use your wedding as an excuse for skin damage!) and eyelash extensions (self-explanatory!). I’m considering all of the above – all brides want to look like themselves… perhaps just a slightly upgraded version.
  • Cheers!: A full open bar for the duration can get crazy-expensive. I’m hearing about / seeing a lot of brides opt for an alternative – signature cocktails or a series of signatures. Some brides choose to have a cocktail created for their reception and named something significant to the bride & groom (like the “S-Rated” cocktail some girls & I did for our friends Stephany & Samm). A twist on this would be to serve local wines or beers or something more elaborate like a margarita or mojito bar. What about a coffee bar with cordials (Kahlua, Bailey’s, Frangelico, etc…) as mix-ins? It’s a fun excuse to be extra-creative… and maybe do some taste-testing.

I haven’t begun to scratch the surface, but part of the benefit of blogging while wedding planning is that you have an online record of all the ideas you’ve run across. Perhaps it’s time to embrace my inner trend-follower…


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