These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

Can you see me? I'm in the national gardens in Caracas, Venezuela. Spot the boots? Summer, 2007.

Do you have one piece of clothing or jewelry that seems to be present in a lot of significant moments in your life? It doesn’t have to be expensive (heirloom jewelry) or special by virtue of what it is (a Hermes scarf, for example)… just something that you love and makes you feel like the best version of yourself when you wear it. For me, it’s a pair of tan boots. Full disclosure, they’re from Target from years ago, right when the whole calf-length cowboy-style boots were becoming popular. I saw them (probably priced less than $30) and thought, “Why not?”

With my mom, Debra, at the fountain on Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain. Such a fun mom / daughter trip!

In front of the Eiffel Tower, Paris on the second leg of the Spain / France trip, 2006.

They have become my go-to footwear favorites and have traveled with me to France, Spain, Kenya, Venezuela and I was wearing them when Will proposed. They’re comfortable and pretty much “all weather.”

Playing with some little friends in Ngaamba, Kenya (couple hours from Nairobi), January 2009. You can sort of see the boots.

I'm jumping up & down & screaming... I don't even think I cried - just squealed!


When it came time to decide on outfits (or in Will’s case “clothes,” since he was quick to remind me that guys don’t do “outfits”) for our engagement shoot with Alea, I knew I had to fit the boots in somehow.

They’ve taken me from being a single, world-traveling girl to an engaged, about-to-be-married girl (it’s weird for me to say “woman”… I’m not quite 30 yet, so I can get away with it for a bit longer!)… And I look forward to taking them on many more adventures (hopefully around the world!) as Will’s wife!


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