Counting Down

There are precisely 131 days until my wedding. I know this because all of the requisite sites that you “simply must” create accounts on (TheKnot, MyWedding, Macy’s registry, Crate & Barrel registry and such) all tell you when you log on… To the tune of “Hi Jennifer & Will! It’s 131 days until your wedding!” The exclamation points seem to make the sites scream it at you in a frantic, frazzled sort of way.

Over the last month or so, I’ve been feeling much more under control when it comes to wedding planning things – most of the really significant ones are checked off the list… Wedding dress? Check. Venues? Check. Music? Stationary? Bridesmaids dresses? Check, check, check. However, I’ve also started to have the anxious, “oops! I forgot something REALLY BIG!” dreams that all of my friends who have gotten married told me they had too.

Last week, I dreamed I forgot to pick a veil (which, note to self: must still do) and that I somehow didn’t ever sign the florist’s contract, so there weren’t any flowers. I woke up all panicky and flustered.

All of this makes me committed to A) being an even better list maker than I typically am and B) remembering what I swore I would at the beginning of the engagement: to be sure and enjoy the process and not be so outcome oriented.

The truth is, there will likely be something that goes wrong on my wedding day. Someone will be late or the linens on the reception tables will be burgundy (ew!) instead of fuchsia / magenta or some such travesty (sarcasm intended).

But really, I want to relish the fact that I know I’m marrying the right person and have fun with all of it, knowing that I’m only doing this once – it’s a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience that I’m getting to share with my best friend. I guess if I forget, I can re-read this blog post.

Happy week, friends!

<3, Jennifer



One Response to “Counting Down”

  1. Brittany Says:

    I couldn’t help but chuckle when you said “someone will be late…” and I just hope that isn’t me!! haha! PS. you can borrow mine or Sandyn’s veil if you want. 🙂 Love!

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