My Kind Of Camping

My friends (hi, D & J!) will tell you… I love not camping. Now, I like a good adventure, perhaps more than the average person, but I also really like having plush pillows and a shower and great food (like the time Katie & I “roughed” it zip lining in the jungles of the Dominican Republic, only to find ourselves – hours later – back at our resort eating dinner and drinking wine). I may have found the perfect answer for me – it’s called “Glamping” (i.e. “glamourous camping”) at The Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, Montana.

Guests can stay in either a luxury cabin or a 270 square foot luxury tent. The six tents available have all the comforts of home – a fluffy bed, fine art on the canvas “walls,” a spacious luxury bathroom with heated floors and even electricity. If I were there (which I hope to be, at some point), I’d definitely go for the tent – how fun!

Each tent comes with a variety of tempting amenities: a camping butler to cater to your every whim, daily housekeeping and nightly turn-down service, a full-time chef, and Adirondack lounging chairs to take in the stunning scenery.

To step up the adventure quotient a bit, Paws Up offers backcountry camping expeditions with fly-fishing and horseback riding trips, which allow you to camp more out in the woods, but still enjoy a plush bed and chef-cooked meals. Spa junkies can enjoy spa services and yoga / Pilates classes.

The Resort at Paws Up is Pet Friendly

Often, resorts add dog-friendly elements as sort of an afterthought, to attract the four-legged friends’ monied owners. At Paws Up, a love for animals has motivated everything – from the logo (a claw mark) to a special dog bed available in any room (the rate for pups is $50 per night).

Perhaps I’ll find a newfound love for the outdoors? Happy camping!


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