Shoe Fantasy Land

It’s fun to dream about the shoes {for the purposes of this post, shoes, but insert your favorite item here – for Will it would be kayaks) you would buy if money were no object. I’m realizing that, in a few short months, my love of high heels is well-documented on

For those of you who are already inclined to roll your eyes by reading the above paragraph… I warn you: STOP reading and check back later when I *may* decide to post something less girly / indulgent. If you’re thinking, “Yes! I love to look at shoes that double as words of art…” Read on!

Christian Louboutin Jeweled Platforms, $2,830,

Givenchy Crocodile Sandals (with tiny gold flecks); $1,150 at

Donna Karan 5 inch Matte Gold Heels, $795 at

Chanel Carnival Wedges in Gold & Black Suede, $895 by calling 800-550-0005.

Brian Atwood "Farrah" Heels, Peep-Toe Stilletos, $915, email

A thing of beauty is a joy forever… I’m sure the biblical author wasn’t referring to Louboutins, but these definitely make me smile in a dreamy-I-would-never-spend-$1000-on-shoes-kind-of-way!


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