Budget Bridal

It’s no secret that weddings are big business. From the flowers to the shoes to the flowers, someone is making a killing at each juncture, selling brides something the JUST MUST HAVE {insert sarcasm here}. Even at moments when you know that it’s not 100% rational, as a bride, you find yourself caught up in the inertia, dreaming about that perfect day and buying into the commercialism of it all.

All of that being said, weddings are fun. Part of the reason I love scanning the wedding blogs is that I find the level of creativity out there fascinating. Let’s face it – your wedding is the one day that can be {if you choose} the ultimate expression of your personality. Perhaps that’s why brides feel such pressure? They’re saying, “This is me, this is my style.”

That long-winded intro is to say that weddings are big business {wait – I said that already!} and big mass retailers are getting in the game. J. Crew, Ann Taylor and now, The Limited are all offering bridal lines. Some of the dresses are offered in white or a color, making them work for either a wedding gown or for a bridesmaid. Here are some of my favorites!

J. Crew "Dune" Gown, $895

J. Crew Silk "Gracie" Gown, $475

J. Crew "Goddess" Gown, $475

J. Crew "Seraphina" Dress, $149

"Romantic" by The Limited, $298

Ann Taylor Silk Bridesmaid, $215


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