Kitschy Cupcakes

Everyone loves a little eye candy… How cute is this cupcake store on wheels from Los Olivos, California? It’s called Enjoy Cupcakes looks like I imagine June Cleaver’s kitchen would be, if it were in technicolor. I wish they had them in Georgia!

Reading their “Flavors” list makes my mouth water… Chocolate Blackberry Syrah, Ginger Lime Chardonnay, Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Crunch, Chocolate Ginger Snap, Cinnamon Bun Cupcake… The list goes on {and on, and on…}.


One Response to “Kitschy Cupcakes”

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    […] about something, that kind of serves to remind me of the research I’ve already done (like the cupcake post or the ring bearer / ring holder post). In that vein, I found these cute cake / cupcake toppers by […]

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