Just Do It!

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, but keeping it together {mostly}. Between having a full-time job, writing (see newest article Hair Comes The Bride here!), planning a wedding and teaching dance… let’s just say there’s a lot going on these days.

That being said, here are some things I’m determined to get done:

  • Get insurance for my engagement ring. {Or rather, I’m determined to get WILL to do this, since he’s been planning on doing since we got engaged.} I fell off a jet ski tube at the lake a couple weeks ago and nearly had a heart attack thinking about the ring. Whew.
  • Get the Save The Dates in the mail… with their $0.44 stamps and all (it’s a long story. The short version is that the ONLY $0.28 post card stamp that the U.S. Post Office offers is a polar bear. I know it sounds a little impractical, but I can’t stand the thought of putting those ugly bears on my cute STDs (Save The Dates… lest you be confused!). So, it’ll be the more expensive, $0.44 King & Queen of Hearts stamps, below. Cute, huh?).
  • I know it’s way late, but I need to do a “spring” (er, summer) cleaning on my condo, which is for sale (please, Lord, let it sell pre-wedding!). I’m not one of those people who loves to clean, as though it’s a relaxing, mindless activity… nope. I kind of hate it and have been putting a deep clean off for sometime now.
  • Get my car washed. Now, if I were being extra industrious, I would say, “wash / clean my car.” Let’s be honest – I’m going to take it to Cactus Car Wash… and I think I’ll still feel some element of a sense of accomplishment for fitting it into my schedule.
  • I need to find / confirm a place to host my Bridesmaids Luncheon. Over the past week for so, I’ve been astonished at A) the lack of fun, stylish restaurants in Atlanta that are open for lunch (many are open for Sunday brunch, but closed during the day on Saturdays) and B) how unreasonable or un-accommodating restaurants are (i.e. Murphy’s, one of my favorite brunch spots, told me that even with a signed contract for a pre-set menu, they wouldn’t hold a table for my party of 17… WHAT?!). I’m pretty sure I’m going to have it at The Hil at Serenbe, owned by my friend, Chef Hilary White… It’s a little bit of a hike from Atlanta, but I think it’ll be totally worth it!

    The dining room at The Hil restaurant, by the very talented Hilary White!

I’m sure I’ll think of more items “to do,” but I think this will “do” for now!

<3, Jennifer



One Response to “Just Do It!”

  1. Sara Says:

    These are all a bit too DIY and rustic for you, but you never know when one idea may spark another. I thought I’d pass the link along… http://www.oneprettything.com/?p=10886

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