With This Ring…

It occurred to me today that I need to find a receptacle of some kind for my soon-to-be-nephew Harrison to carry our rings down the aisle. **Or actually, since our sweet ring bearer is only five… perhaps dummy rings? I love the idea of doing a little twist on the traditional ring pillow and as I’ve been doing research, it seems that ceramic bowls (which can be used post-wedding as a dish for rings on top of one’s dresser) are en vogue. What do you think?

From Paloma's Nest on Etsy.com, $38

Or, you can have them custom-made, with either your names or the date of your wedding, like this:

Paloma's Nest, $48 for custom stamped bowl.

I also found

Etsy by RaeDunn, $50.

Which do you like best? Or, have you found something you like even better? Suggestions very welcome!




4 Responses to “With This Ring…”

  1. Mommy Says:

    Love the customized one, especially since there isn’t much price difference!

  2. angel Says:

    I’ve enjoyed catching up!! LOVE this idea. I personally don’t have a favorite. It’s been almost a decade since Ryan and I met and wed…there’s SO much more available stirring the creative juices for soon-to-be newlyweds today.

    I’d love to have a dish especially for our rings…”With This Ring” is so sweet.

    I wonder…where DID that pillow go that my cousin carried?

    And I absolutely LOVE the idea have having your wedding dress sketched. I had my bouquet and Ryan’s boutonniere freeze dried and framed. So glad I did that…

    Blessings to you always Jennifer!!

  3. Sara Says:

    great alternative to a pillow!

  4. Icing On The Cake « Jenn & The Giant Peach Says:

    […] kind of serves to remind me of the research I’ve already done (like the cupcake post or the ring bearer / ring holder post). In that vein, I found these cute cake / cupcake toppers by a vendor called “Naked […]

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