Plan It Like A Pro

A sweet friend (who is now living in Italy – lucky!!) reminded me on the phone today that our wedding is exactly two months away! I remember when we first got engaged – November 13th seemed like an eternity away. This is a bit of a lazy post, but I liked a lot of these 10 tips, originally printed in Daily Candy Weddings, from expert planner Shawn Rabideau. Some I completely agree with and others aren’t so applicable (See #7). Enjoy!

1. Proofread the invitation like you’ve never seen it before. A client once printed a phone number for her hotel that was actually the number to a porn site. Her auntie was mighty upset. *Can’t wait to see mine – designed by Ashley Buzzy McHugh ( They should be here w/in the week!!

2. Take your official wedding undergarments and shoes to your first dress fitting. You don’t want to be surprised by visible panty line the day of.

3. You love your shoes, but they might not love you back. Break them in while you vacuum or dust. Just don’t mow the lawn in them.

4. Want Botox or another kind of facial treatment? Do it four to six weeks before the wedding. Looking surprised all day: You already did that at the engagement.

5. You might think that a spray tan is a great idea. Don’t do it. Or do and look like the 25th Annual Pumpkin Queen. Your choice.

6. Don’t let them see your groom sweat. Have him purchase or rent two (or more) identical tux shirts. If he gets clammy/soaked he can change.

7. Hotels were invented to prevent in-laws from staying with you on the wedding weekend. If they’re not willing to pay, include it in your budget. Nothing is less romantic than running into his pops in his BVDs at 2 a.m. ** I don’t have to worry about this one b/c A) my in-laws are terrific and B) they live in town!

8. Don’t wash your hair! Sounds gross, but your hair’s natural oils will help your stylist. Plus, it will hold longer.

9. It’s imperative to assign seats for the rehearsal dinner (unless you’re doing cocktails). Leaving guests to decide where to sit always creates problems, fights, and hurt feelings.

10. Drink plenty of water and don’t forget to eat on your wedding day.

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2 Responses to “Plan It Like A Pro”

  1. Sara Says:

    My mistake, getting highlights and lowlights the WEEK of… at a salon I’d never been to before. What was I thinking!? I’d add, don’t do ANYTHING that last week that you hadn’t already put into your plans and thought through, you might think it’s a great idea right then, but regret it later.

  2. Kates Says:

    Yeah! I’ll never understand the people who try something new at the last minute. You never feel as comfortable with new stuff, and comfort is key for keeping your nerves in check. Well, that and champagne!

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