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Icing On The Cake

August 31, 2010

I kind of feel like my head is going to explode with thoughts of lists of things to do (actually, somewhat literally – my migraines flare up when I’m stressed… which I officially am). Must: buy sparklers for post-reception get-away, help design jewelry for bridesmaids / gifts, buy host gifts for upcoming couples’ shower… ETC, ETC, ETC…

The good news I’ve found that if I blog about something, that kind of serves to remind me of the research I’ve already done (like the cupcake post or the ring bearer / ring holder post). In that vein, I found these cute cake / cupcake toppers by a vendor called “Naked Peggies” on Etsy (below).

Custom UnNaked Cupcake Toppers - Fully Customizable to match you and your mate
You send them a couple of photos of you and your groom (so, for Will & me – we’d get a cute, blonde groom & a brunette bride), tell them what your dress looks like and what color his tie will be, and they will custom, hand paint your two little figurines – so cute!
These (above) from Dandelion Land on Etsy are similar – they have a bit larger heads, for a different aesthetic, but also custom. Actually, they’ll even add a little dog figurine, based on your favorite furry friend (which, I would do for Elle Marie, but Will won’t let her be in the wedding). Adorable, no?
Finally, I found these neat little banners – FunFavors on Etsy will write whatever you want on a tiny banner (you pick the colors) – like “Will & Jennifer, November 13, 2010” or “Eat, Drink & Be Married!” I think this would be sweet for a casual outdoor wedding reception.
Which one do you like the most (looking for votes here, friends!)? I know these are all slightly more casual options to the traditional porcelain or jeweled monogram, but I like the juxtaposition a reception in a super-elegant place with some sweet, casual elements.
XO, Jennifer

Throw It In A Bag

August 20, 2010

I love this time of year (no, not the 100 degree Atlanta heat), since it’s now that you start getting catalogs full of fall fashion – boots, yummy sweaters, cashmere scarves, little wool dresses, patterned closed toed shoes and so much more. Based on what I’ve seen from Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, it appears that oversized satchel bags are going to be big this fall. Polished black, bright turquoise leather, distressed camel… all so pretty. Here are some of my favorites!

Fossil Vintage Reissue Weekender, $238,

I love this bright Kate Spade. Obviously, not very versatile for the price in bright tangerine… but so pretty.

Kate Spade, New York Five Points Camille Leather Femme Satchel, $475,

Lord knows, I love some animal print. Isn’t this DVF one elegant? I love how it’s a subtle zebra  – black and charcoal makes it so wearable!

Diane von Furstenberg Grace Zebra Print Day Bag, $625,

There were actually a handful more that I wanted to post, but A) I seem to have a short attention span these days and B) you can’t copy and paste images from the department stores’ sites… and a lot of the designers I love haven’t posted images up online. Anyway – add some of your favorites to my list! I’d love to see “readers’ choice” satchels. 🙂




August 19, 2010

I’ve been a super-delinquent blogger of late. It seems like I can barely keep my head above water with “real life,” even though I just looked and have 19 blogs saved as drafts (i.e. started, but not finished / posted). I’m going to *try* to be better about posting regularly. Girl Scout’s honor (I wasn’t a G.S., but moving on…).

Now, onto the weddings stuff! As I’ve said about a million times, weddings are all about the details. A special detail for the bride is one that Daily Candy wrote about recently – garter belts by Florrie Mitton on Etsy. Each style is handmade and they even have bespoke offerings, based on your colors, style and interest. Aren’t they delicate and pretty?

Ethereal Silk Tulle Garter, $92.

For something a little more simplified, I love the one below:

Forever Lace Garter, $81.

I’m still holding out hope that my DeeDee (mom’s mom) will maybe find her garter from her wedding in the 1950’s for me. And, I know it seems silly to spend nearly $100 for something that no one will really see… but these are stunning. And, who can’t use a little eye candy mid-week?

Happy Wednesday!



With This Ring…

August 8, 2010

It occurred to me today that I need to find a receptacle of some kind for my soon-to-be-nephew Harrison to carry our rings down the aisle. **Or actually, since our sweet ring bearer is only five… perhaps dummy rings? I love the idea of doing a little twist on the traditional ring pillow and as I’ve been doing research, it seems that ceramic bowls (which can be used post-wedding as a dish for rings on top of one’s dresser) are en vogue. What do you think?

From Paloma's Nest on, $38

Or, you can have them custom-made, with either your names or the date of your wedding, like this:

Paloma's Nest, $48 for custom stamped bowl.

I also found

Etsy by RaeDunn, $50.

Which do you like best? Or, have you found something you like even better? Suggestions very welcome!



Out With The Old

July 25, 2010

The cleaning (I would say “spring cleaning” but we’re in the thick of summer!) bug has bitten, in a big way. It seems that everywhere I look in my condo (which is for sale, if you know of anyone looking for a cute place – 2 BR, 2 BA – close to Buckhead and I85… ok, enough with the shameless plug), there seems to be something to clean out or get rid of. Here are some of my favorite tips – feel free to comment and add your own!

Old magazines – I’m infamous for collecting magazines, probably because I love to read other people’s writing styles and pick up their tips on style, beauty, DIY projects and cooking. However, often, I don’t get around to reading them in a timely fashion – or ever! – and my coffee table and kitchen counter starts to look like a scene out of Hoarders (scary!). My goal for this week is to go through the magazines I’ve been holding onto, clip out the pieces I’ll actually use (or recipes I’ll make) and pass them along to friends who will enjoy them. If you’re a bride who has most of her planning done, why not pass along your old Modern Bride, The Knot and others to a new bride who will enjoy reading them? Same goes for Gourmet (R.I.P. – I miss it!), Food & Wine, In Style, Lucky, Glamour… extend the life of publications by passing them along!

Closet Refresh – If you’re like me, I’m sure there are bunches of things lurking in the far reaches of your closet that either A) you forgot you had, B) don’t fit or C) are just a little dated. If something falls into any of these categories, why not either take it to your local thrift store (& save the receipts for a tax write-off) or a trusted consignment store? If anything sells, if feels like free money. One of my favorite Goodwill alternatives if you live in Atlanta is the Thrift-ique, which benefits Buckhead Christian Ministries.

Brushes – Granted, this should be done more than once a year (once a month is probably more like it!), but it’s a good reminder. I like to soap my make-up brushes up with a clarifying shampoo several times (until the water runs clear when you rinse) and then dip them in rubbing alcohol. Just let them dry before using again and you should break out less, since all that nasty bacteria will be gone.

Virtual clean-up – I’m really bad about holding on to old emails, hoping that I’ll one day get around to reading them fully (who doesn’t have an inbox cluttered with forwards, political messages, etc…?). But, when I really think about it, it is a little stressful to open your account to see so many messages waiting to be read. Why not take 20 minutes and de-clutter?

Kitchen makeover – If you’ve got things lingering around in your pantry, particularly things you’re not planning on using but that have a long shelf life, consider cleaning them out and donating them to your local food bank (ACFB a great one in Atlanta) or shelter. You’ll have more space in your cabinets and can feel good about helping someone else provide healthy meals for their family. **Also, it’s a good opportunity to glance through your fridge and freezer to make sure all condiments, cheeses, dairy products and others are well within their expiration dates. Give the shelves a quick wipe-down for good measure. BONUS: if you find some still good, already prepared items in your freezer, it’s a great excuse to just defrost and not have to cook some meals.

Happy cleaning!

<3, Jennifer

Just Do It!

July 23, 2010

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, but keeping it together {mostly}. Between having a full-time job, writing (see newest article Hair Comes The Bride here!), planning a wedding and teaching dance… let’s just say there’s a lot going on these days.

That being said, here are some things I’m determined to get done:

  • Get insurance for my engagement ring. {Or rather, I’m determined to get WILL to do this, since he’s been planning on doing since we got engaged.} I fell off a jet ski tube at the lake a couple weeks ago and nearly had a heart attack thinking about the ring. Whew.
  • Get the Save The Dates in the mail… with their $0.44 stamps and all (it’s a long story. The short version is that the ONLY $0.28 post card stamp that the U.S. Post Office offers is a polar bear. I know it sounds a little impractical, but I can’t stand the thought of putting those ugly bears on my cute STDs (Save The Dates… lest you be confused!). So, it’ll be the more expensive, $0.44 King & Queen of Hearts stamps, below. Cute, huh?).
  • I know it’s way late, but I need to do a “spring” (er, summer) cleaning on my condo, which is for sale (please, Lord, let it sell pre-wedding!). I’m not one of those people who loves to clean, as though it’s a relaxing, mindless activity… nope. I kind of hate it and have been putting a deep clean off for sometime now.
  • Get my car washed. Now, if I were being extra industrious, I would say, “wash / clean my car.” Let’s be honest – I’m going to take it to Cactus Car Wash… and I think I’ll still feel some element of a sense of accomplishment for fitting it into my schedule.
  • I need to find / confirm a place to host my Bridesmaids Luncheon. Over the past week for so, I’ve been astonished at A) the lack of fun, stylish restaurants in Atlanta that are open for lunch (many are open for Sunday brunch, but closed during the day on Saturdays) and B) how unreasonable or un-accommodating restaurants are (i.e. Murphy’s, one of my favorite brunch spots, told me that even with a signed contract for a pre-set menu, they wouldn’t hold a table for my party of 17… WHAT?!). I’m pretty sure I’m going to have it at The Hil at Serenbe, owned by my friend, Chef Hilary White… It’s a little bit of a hike from Atlanta, but I think it’ll be totally worth it!

    The dining room at The Hil restaurant, by the very talented Hilary White!

I’m sure I’ll think of more items “to do,” but I think this will “do” for now!

<3, Jennifer

Shoe Fantasy Land

July 13, 2010

It’s fun to dream about the shoes {for the purposes of this post, shoes, but insert your favorite item here – for Will it would be kayaks) you would buy if money were no object. I’m realizing that, in a few short months, my love of high heels is well-documented on

For those of you who are already inclined to roll your eyes by reading the above paragraph… I warn you: STOP reading and check back later when I *may* decide to post something less girly / indulgent. If you’re thinking, “Yes! I love to look at shoes that double as words of art…” Read on!

Christian Louboutin Jeweled Platforms, $2,830,

Givenchy Crocodile Sandals (with tiny gold flecks); $1,150 at

Donna Karan 5 inch Matte Gold Heels, $795 at

Chanel Carnival Wedges in Gold & Black Suede, $895 by calling 800-550-0005.

Brian Atwood "Farrah" Heels, Peep-Toe Stilletos, $915, email

A thing of beauty is a joy forever… I’m sure the biblical author wasn’t referring to Louboutins, but these definitely make me smile in a dreamy-I-would-never-spend-$1000-on-shoes-kind-of-way!

Have A Seat

July 13, 2010

I love these ruffled chair covers at this Nashville wedding (via StyleMePretty). Sigh.

That’s all – they speak for themselves (in a pretty, girly voice!).

It’s All In Your Head

June 30, 2010

Kyna Hairpiece, by Lo Boheme

Memorable weddings (or events, for that matter!) are all about the details, and one of the next details I need to focus on is the veil. I found these that I love by Lo Boheme, each handmade by a designer / artist team out of San Diego.

Penelope, by Lo Boheme

Lo Boheme hair pieces

I hope I’m brave enough to really make a statement with whatever I pick… I’m hoping to find something sweet and elegant for the ceremony and then something bold and, dare I say, funky for the reception. My dress will definitely lend itself to both styles, so now I just need to be inspired. Recommendations welcome!

<3, Jennifer

Happy Friday

June 4, 2010