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Loves It!

September 10, 2010

I was thinking today that it’s been too long since I’ve done a product round-up. And, as it happens, I’ve discovered a few good finds to share with you, dear readers (that is, if you didn’t forget about Jenn & The Giant Peach, given the super-long pauses between posts lately). Some are mainstream, some are out of the way… Enjoy!

Avalon Organics SPF 15 Moisturizer
I was at Target the other day, looking for a new moisturizer with SPF. I’ve gotten really aware of the negative effects of parabens lately (parabens are detrimental chemicals often used as preservatives in cosmetics – they have been tied to cancer, specifically breast cancer, as they can mimic estrogen) and of mineral oil (which is basically liquid petroleum – which, seriously, you don’t want on your skin!). I actually quite like Burt’s Bees Radiance Day Lotion with SPF 15, but at $18 for just 2 oz., I was looking for a less expensive, but still natural alternative. I happened to stumble on Avalon Organics SPF 15 Moisturizer – about $13 for 4 oz. at Target. It doesn’t need parabens to stay fresh – the especially stable type of Vitamin C it contains makes it more shelf stable. And, I like it’s faintly citrus scent and the fact that it’s not tested on animals. I bought it for the SPF protection, but I really like how smooth and moisturized it leaves my skin. Definite A+ for this product – look for it online or in the cosmetic section of Target (you may have to search, since it’s not with Neutrogena or Aveeno).

Tatcha Aburatorigami, Japanese Blotting Papers
This one was an Allure Editor’s pick, but I originally heard about it from Rachel Zoe’s blog, The Zoe Report. These delicate papers are just under 4″ square, are made of rice paper and have little gold flecks in them (they’re visible, but won’t transfer to skin). Apparently, using these rice paper pieces to absorb oil and condition skin is a tradition that goes back to Japanese imperial times – gold artisans used rice paper to hammer thin gold, which was used to “leaf” buildings for Japan’s royal family. As the gold was hammered whisper-thin, tiny flecks of metal transferred to the rice paper. The tissue-like paper was then used by geishas to absorb oil from their delicate skin. Company founder Vicki Tsai has brought these fine papers to the American public – now available on the Tatcha site ($12 for 30 papers) or Henri Bendel in NYC. The packages are so elegant and are a perfect addition to a handbag for a mid-day (or night!) freshen up!

This one’s definitely NOT sexy… but I do love how the product works. I have sort of combination skin – if I wash my face with a cleanser with salicylic acid wash (like my favorite, Neutrogena’s Grapefruit Wash), my skin definitely gets a bit dry. During a visit to my dermatologist in the winter months, my doctor suggested I try CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion (approx. $11 for 12 oz.). I’m always super-cautious about any moisturizer, for fear that it will clog my pores and incite breakouts. However, the product’s active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which created a barrier between skin and the air (which can leech moisture away from the dermis). I really love this moisturizer – it makes your skin (either face or anywhere on body) feel moisturized, without feeling even the slightest bit oily. You don’t need a perscription for this product, but you will need to ask the pharmacist for it (kind of like NyQuil!).
Bumble & Bumble Dry Shampoo
I’m sad to say, but this isn’t an endorsement. I’ve been trying to stretch the duration between hair washings a bit longer (lots of evidence that it’s better for your hair – fewer split ends, etc…), and I’ve tried to love Bumble & Bumble’s Dry Shampoo, but I just don’t. Rather than a powder, this one is a spray that you select based on your hair color (they have black, brown, white & blonde). You spray it on the roots of your hair when your hair looks like an oil slick.

My complaint is that the pigment is so intense for my brown hair & it has a wet consistency, so that when you spray it, it has a tendency to get everywhere – not great for when you’re wearing clothes that aren’t brown or black. I’m going to have to keep searching. If you have a dry shampoo (I think a powder would be more to my liking) that you love, please let me know! I’m still on the hunt… **PS. Just b/c one doesn’t wash their hair every day, it doesn’t mean that they don’t shower daily. Just wanted to clear that up, in case anyone was wondering.

Enjoy, friends! And, if you have products to suggest… please pass them my way!

XO, Jennifer