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Bake It Pretty

August 22, 2010

I have cupcakes on the brain. This week, Mari Sawyer of Mari’s Sweets delivered a dozen mixed cupcakes for us to try this week – ChocoLatte (mocha chocolate cake + espresso buttercream), BlueBerryLicious (vanilla cake infused with blueberries, blueberry filling and cream cheese frosting), Glitz & Glamour (spice cake, lemon + ginger cream cheese with candied ginger), Sweet Tart (lemon cake, lemon curd + lemon cream cheese frosting), PB&C (chocolate cake, peanut butter cream cheese frosting + Reese’s cups) and the Goody Two Shoes (buttermilk cake injected with strawberry white chocolate ganache + white chocolate buttercream).  They were all so good! I think we’re going to pick four kinds and do minis of them so that our guests can try more than one – can’t wait!

All of this thinking about mini-sweet treats made me think of one of my favorite food blogs, Bakerella. The woman who writes it (I’m pretty sure she’s in Atlanta) is as good of a photographer as she is a baker. She always has the greatest baking “accessories” – pretty edible glitter, patterned cupcake cups and more. I recently clicked through from her site to her source for all of these cute baking supplies… I found “Bake It Pretty.” It’s such a fun site – I wish I had occasion to bake or entertain more – maybe one day! Here are some of my favorites…

And, finally… this set of four different damask patterns. If we do end up picking four cupcake varieties… I think it could be fun to use the different wrappers as part of the “key” on the table, so that guests would know which flavor was which.

Have a “sweet” rest of the weekend!