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Wedding Attire Guide for Guys

April 8, 2010

I subscribe to a fun Atlanta-based newsletter called Bearings, A Southern Lifestyle Guide for Men. Clearly, I’m not their target demographic, but they have neat information on date ideas, little known restaurants, trips around the South, fetching clothing, and more. Today, their e-newsletter included a great guide to wedding attire. I’m not convinced that any men are reading my blog (in all fairness, they’re not really my demographic!), but I thought I’d repost it here. Enjoy!


It’s April, so there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself staring at a wedding invitation sometime soon wondering what to wear. The etiquette for proper wedding guest attire can vary depending on the time, location and style of the wedding. Here we offer a few tips to make sure you show up with a good measure of confidence and style.
The Invitation
Often, the style of the wedding invitation itself will give you some initial attire direction. If it’s heavy paper, calligraphy script, and formal language you should assume your appearance should match a more formal affair.
If you’re lucky, the invitation may spell it out for you: casual, cocktail, black tie optional, etc. If that’s still just code to you, here is what they mean:
Casual Attire: It would be rare to see this indicated on an invitation, but we’ve seen a few along with its cousin “resort casual,” usually for beach weddings.  Men should wear slacks and a dress shirt. A light-weight sport coat and no tie is also an option.

Cocktail Attire: Think James Bond at a casino with his martini but without his tux. A dark suit, white shirt and a classic tie.

Black Tie Optional: This is self-explanatory, but you may wonder if you’ll be in the majority or the minority if you go suit or tux. One option is to wear your tuxedo with a regular black tie instead of the bow tie and a laydown collar instead of the winged tip shirt. If you wear a suit, make sure it’s dark, coupled with a white shirt and a smart tie.
Black Tie: This makes it easy for you. No options, just your tuxedo. However, never wear any kind of colored or patterned tie or cummerbund. Black tie means black.

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Time & Place
Daytime Indoors: In the summer, the ideal choice would be to wear a light weight suit or a sports coat, slacks and a tie. If the invitation says “formal” for an afternoon wedding, wear a dark suit. It’s not a funeral, so black suits and tuxedos are not appropriate before 6 pm. 
Daytime Outdoors: Chances are you’ll be in the South and under the scorching midday sun, so opt for a light suit or a summer weight jacket with light pants and a tie. This is your best chance to wear a khaki, linen or seersucker suit. Pair it with a white shirt and simple, navy tie. 
Evening Indoors: This is any wedding after 6 p.m. A good rule to follow is the later in the evening a wedding is, the more likely you should wear a tuxedo. Otherwise, a dark suit is always in good taste. A tie is not optional. Wear it. For shoes, wear well-polished black or dark brown leather lace-ups. Your belt and shoes should always match.