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Hostess With The Mostest

July 26, 2010

I love giving hostess gifts. I think, for people who love to have guests over, throwing a successful dinner or party is really its own reward. But, it’s always nice to show your appreciation of the time & effort it takes to put on an event, however simple or small. I especially have this on my mind, since my first bridal shower is coming up in two weeks {fun!}.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Le Creuset Dijon Honey Pot with Silicon Stirrer, a Sur la Table exclusive ($25). This sunny little pot would be cute paired with some local honey, perfect for a tea lover. The silicon on the “dipper” makes the honey easy to serve and the material is easy to clean!
  • Pigeon Toe Ceramics Herb Garden Stakes: How cute are these hand-stamped garden stakes? This would be perfect for the hostess who is also an intrepid gardener {a thing I may never be, though I do love the fruits of their labor}. The Portland-based blog / online store is chalk-full of fun, whimsical gifts… a fun read, if you’re so inclined.
  • I’m dying over these “TeaCupCakes”! How cute are they!? You can bake cupcakes right in them and then serve on little saucers. Adorable – these would be so great for a hostess who likes to bake. Alternatively, you could put little flowers in them to make tiny centerpieces or even individual flower arrangements at guests’ places. $17.95 for a set of four at Heliotrope.
  • Here’s an idea that could be super-inexpensive, but really thoughtful and high-customizable: vintage {or any} candy inside a pretty jar. Who wouldn’t love something pretty to sit out for guests to enjoy right then or to save for later. Bonus points if you find a cute way to label them!